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Erasmus+ Project PACE-VET

Partial Certification in the Vocational Field of Event Technicians

The basic idea of PACE-VET is to provide a digital infrastructure that will serve as a basis for the recognition and validation of competencies of event technicians, thus enabling a better adaptation of vocational education and training to the needs of the labour market.

The project is a response to a major upheaval in the European education and training landscape: Changing framework conditions on the labour market increasingly demand more flexibility from workers and learners, current knowledge is losing relevance more and more quickly and the importance of further education and training throughout a work-life is therefore increasing.

Making this lifelong learning visible and assessable presents many challenges for providers, learners and employers.

In concrete, PACE-VET aims to create a certification process for gained competences of workers by developing a digital platform to collect acquired certificates, using so-called micro-credentials: First, an application will be developed in cooperation with the partner organizations, which is to serve as a database for mapping acquired competences and allows for an EU-wide transfer of information on candidates and their acquired certificates. In the second step, micro-credentials from two specific learning fields will be elaborated.