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Our Team

Chris Van Goethem (STEPP)
Lecturer, Consultant
Chris Van Goethem started in 1983 as a technician in a rental company, as most of us in this time. By self-education he became stage manager and travelled around Europe with a lot of Belgian companies. Later on he started to work as consultant and educator in technical theatre. He researches the history of technical theatre and was part of the “Changement a vue” research project At the moment he is part of the “Fading lights” project. Both projects are conducted in cooperation with SADA, Uniarts, Stockholm. He is member of the board of STEPP, the Belgian professional organization of technicians.
Eric de Ruijter(OSAT)
Consultant, Chairperson
Eric de Ruijter is Chair of OSAT, the organisation in the Netherlands, which is a. o. involved in creating new Qualification Files in the field of stage and event technology. For more than 20 years, he was involved in the Dutch Association for Stage Technology as a Managing Director, Editor in Chief and Journalist. In addition to OSAT and the Erasmus+-projects, he is business manager for a Theatre Company.
Randell Greenlee (VPLT)
Director of Commerce and International Affairs
Randell Greenlee is Director of Commerce and International Affairs at VPLT. The VPLT is the trade association for entertainment technology in German-speaking Europe. Its members are service providers, distributors, manufacturers, dealers and independent sole proprietors. The aim of the association is an efficient, innovative and sustainable development and modernization of the event industry with a focus on technology. The VPLT operates in the areas of education and training, standards, certification, quality management, politics and international networking.
Jörgen Eimecke (BF/M-Bayreuth)
Managing Director
Jörgen is Managing Director of the BF/M Bayreuth since 2018 and project coordinator. Since 2015 he has accompanied and led a variety of projects under the ERASMUS+ programme. His academic interests include lifelong learning, information technology and security as well as SME internationalisation. He authored a variety of scientific publications concerning requirements and preferences of HR professionals, studies in the field of eBusiness and E-recruitment and contributions to technology forecasting in unmanned aviation.
Kim-Christin Manke (VPLT)
Consultant International Affairs and Commerce
Kim works at VPLT and is responsible for Commerce and International Affirs of the Association. Having graduated with a masters degree in Political Science, Kim developed a special interest in European and International politics and law. In her position, she is supporting the work of political lobbying for employees in the event technology industry at the national and European level.
Johan van den Broek (EHB)
Johan is a lecturer at Erasmushogeschool Brussels in the bachelor programmes for Multimedia & Communication Technology, Aplied Computer Science as well as advanced courses in entrepreneurship, programming software arhitectures and usability engineering. Johan has a special interest in the deployment of new technologies in the creation of learning wallets and the development of support systems for lifelong learning.
Anke Lohmann (BF/M-Bayreuth
Project Manager
Anke is project manager at BF/M Bayreuth. Being in charge with the coordination of European projects, Anke is researching prospects of innovative recognition processes to close gaps on the labour market struck by skills shortages and structural change. Before and after graduating with a degree in theatre and event technology, she worked for a long time mainly in the technical field of the event industry and managed a further education academy for over 20 years.